A perfect solution for your outdoor space


Domes let you stay in contact with your
surroundings while being protected from the weather conditions — they’re a
great alternative to covered terraces, patios, or gazebos. Thanks to their
spherical shape, they are exceptionally durable, water-tight, and practically
impossible to knock-over. They work great for gardens, outdoor cafés,
restaurants, or entertainment and social events. So if you want to create a
unique outdoor room, domes are just the thing you’ve been looking for!



We provide standard-sized domes made of high-quality polycarbonate in three different colour options.


Doors, windows, floors, heaters — all to make your dome even more comfortable and cosy. With the right addons it can become practically self-sufficient.

Our Domes


A transparent dome can be a great central point of any garden — it provides protection from the elements while giving you the full view of your surroundings. This makes it perfect for spots with interesting landscaping or beautiful natural views. It’s also a great addition to restaurants/cafés located in picturesque parts of the town, e.g., town squares with historic architecture.
Despite being transparent, the polycarbonate used for the dome’s outer layer offers good protection from UV radiation. This material also makes the structure surprisingly light, yet extremely durable — you won’t have to worry about it being crushed by heavy snow or knocked over by strong winds. It can also withstand severe physical trauma without shattering.
The dome can be fitted with dedicated doors, windows and heaters, which make it usable for the whole year — you won’t even have to store the furniture away during the winter.


A less see-through option for more private purposes. Works well with modern-stylized buildings with graphite/black accents or as a type of outdoor private lounge. The dark tinting is great at shielding you from prying eyes and unwanted attention from the outside.
The black polycarbonate used here offers the same qualities as its transparent counterpart and is even better at shielding your eyes from sunlight. But the colour makes it absorb more heat, which might be a problem in hot weather conditions. So it might be better to place it in somewhat shaded locations. On the other hand, it helps in retaining heat during the winter which can be beneficial in some scenarios.
Due to being the same-size as the transparent option, this type of dome can be fitted with the same accessories. While fitted with doors, it transforms into completely soundproof space ideal for private conversations.


Might be considered as a compromise between the previous two — it provides somewhat private conditions without the risk of excess heat during particularly hot summers. The colour makes it a great addition to any wood-heavy exterior designs, especially if you aim at adding a pinch of modern looks to them. It also looks good while surrounded by trees or stone structures of similar colour e.g., made from sandstone.
This dome uses the same material as the other two and shares their physical features, so the only difference worth mentioning is its colour.
This dome can also be fitted with the same accessories as the other ones.

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